Baja Oyster Bar

Located within Restaurant Mi Cocina, Baja Oyster Bar is the newest, most exciting addition to San Jose’s dining scene. Chef Loic Tenoux has channeled his love for fresh and sustainable seafood into this culinary passion project. Sourcing the bar’s oysters from Sol Azul SeaFarms, Loic has ensured guests enjoy only the freshest organic oyster dishes available in San Jose del Cabo.

When you dine at Baja Oyster Bar and Mi Cocina, the oysters on your plate have only traveled a few hours down the Baja peninsula. Sol Azul’s oyster seafarm is located within the remote El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve which means the oysters are protected from common water pollutants. The reserve's favorable water quality, temperature and tidal range all lend to Sol Azul’s ability to the sustainable raising of Kumamoto and Pacific oysters.

From the ocean to your table, Baja Oyster Bar serves up the local, sustainably sourced oysters creations you love.