Loic Tenoux

It’s a daily balancing act for Loic Tenoux, co-owner of Hotel Casa Natalia and head chef at Mi Cocina and Baja Oyster Bar. Born in France, Loic went search of great surf and a burgeoning culinary scene. He found those and more here in San Jose del Cabo. Shortly after moving to the region, he met and married Nathalie, and set out on their passion projects of Casa Natalia and Mi Cocina.

About Loic Tenoux

Prior to his arrival in the Southern Baja California during the mid-90's, Loic lived in Bordeaux where he spent most of the early portion of his life working at the restaurant his family owned.  For some, the stress and time demands were too difficult, but for Loic, he discovered that it was a perfect way to shape character, find independence and never get bored. That dedication and creative spirit shaped his philosophy of preparing food in a way that it brings pleasure to the guest and in the kitchen.  

Chef Loic Tenoux brings a truly joyful presence to the hotel and restaurant, as well as a unique culinary perspective. Mi Cocina masterfully combines two distinct styles to create what he has called a “Euro-Mexican Bistro.” Set in the interior courtyard of Hotel Casa Natalia, both Mi Cocina Restaurant and Baja Oyster Bar offer a peaceful, yet vibrant atmosphere.

An avid surfer, Loic is proud to associate with Surfer's Healing. The organization makes a positive difference in the lives of the children and families living with autism.