Chef Loic’s Culinary Philosophy

Culinary is a way to prepare food in a way it gives pleasure.

Pleasure is the main point. No matter what’s in your plate, how simple or how complicated it is, how cheap or how expensive it is, there is no satisfaction without pleasure.

But if you want a good result you have to consider it from the customers point of view, as well as the Kitchen, because as much it is important for the customer to have pleasure, it is also important for the Kitchen to take a great amount of pleasure on the way that leads to the customer’s satisfaction.

The rest comes down to common sense:

  • Hire good human beings, teach them techniques and values and let them “Be”
  • Freshness is the rule. The closer to the supply the better
  • Practice strong hygienic principles
  • Create your own trend or cook classics
  • Understand your Market
  • Never compromise
  • Keep working

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Here are some sample videos of just a few of the delicious dishes our kitchen prepares for our guests and patrons:


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